Celebrate Sweetest Day

The Best Way to Celebrate Sweetest Day is Sweet…

Expressing your feelings to the one you love can never be done too much. Want to surprise your sweetums this October? Celebrate this Sweetest Day and take her by surprise. There’s nothing like a candy arrangement to remind them how sweet you think they are!

m&m candy bouquetSure, we think of October to be Halloween focused, which is why Sweetest Day is so great. It sneaks in at an unexpected time to focus on those who make our hearts feel full of happiness. You might be unfamiliar with Sweetest Day, which is not a big deal since it is a generally obscure holiday. In fact, it is not recognized in every state and is more of a Midwestern celebration. Unlike Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day is about more than just love.

This holiday is celebrated mainly in the Midwest and was actually first celebrated in the year 1921! It was founded by Herbert Birch Kingston when he handed out candy to the homeless and orphans around the Cleveland, Ohio region to help bring smiles to those less fortunate. From the historical breakdown, it’s easy to guess that Sweetest Day requires that you give the people you love delicious sweets aka chocolate! Women love chocolate, they’re genetically built that way. Just kidding…but seriously, chocolate is the way to any woman’s heart. You can also go for chocolate covered strawberries or any other sweet that you know they crave.

Now you might have thought that Sweetest Day is exclusively for that special someone, but you’re actually wrong! You can give anyone you love sweet treats on this holiday to show them how much you love and candy bouqet chicago appreciate them. If you would like to go back to the holiday’s roots, you can even give candy to those less fortunate to help bring smiles to their faces. While Sweetest Day is fairly similar to Valentine’s Day. The main difference is that it’s a bit more casual, less corny, and more focused on the gift of sweets. Valentine’s Day is great and all, but it’s also very expected…much less of a surprise. Sweetest Day is a great excuse to pick up a bouquet of luxurious blooms and encourage her to indulge in the sweets she loves the most!

Now that you know more about Sweetest Day, celebrate it right! Stock up on some sweets and even pick up a bouquet or two of flowers. We have an array of sweet bouquets and candy & flower arrangements to suit your sweetest. And if you plan on giving your kids some candy, you might want to remember that Halloween is just around the corner…that means you should stock up on some floss and toothpaste too!