The Roots of Chicago’s Native Flowers

When we think of Chicago, it’s easy for the concrete jungle to be the first thing that comes to mind. Who can blame you? It’s the third most populated city in the United States. It’s always busy with the things all cities encompass: business, tourism, music events, bars and clubs, and so much more.

But something we can’t forget that Chicago is a place that is not only rich with the life of hustle and bustle, but also with flowers, nature, and the people who adore these things. It’s beautifully landscaped parks, the Botanic Garden, and floral conventions are great ways to indulge in the gifts of nature. A unique way to share these things with someone you care about is with a downtown Chicago flower delivery straight to their door.

A City We Adore…

Chicago has come so far from the Great Chicago Fire that occurred back in 1871. With a hasty re-build and a boost in population, we made it to becoming one of the top 5 largest cities in theĀ entire world. In the midst of construction and technological development, flowers and gardens have their part of Chicago culture that is still with us today.

Chicago’s Native Flowers

If you’re simply curious about the flowers that are native to Chicago or you are looking for a Downtown Chicago flower delivery, we’re going to share with you the flowers you can find here.


These flowers are able to tolerate the cold endured in the Midwest and are common to find in gardens around here.


Azaleas come in various sizes and colors. They’re a stunning addition to any garden or floral arrangement.


The daylily is a low-maintenance Midwest lily that display amazing fragrant blooms.

Monarda Punctata

Known as Spotted Bee Balm or Horsemint, these pink and white flowers are a bee’s delight.

(Not native, but worth a mention)

Even though chrysanthemums aren’t native to the Midwest, they were actually named the flower of Chicago. That being said, these flowers are great to use to celebrate our love of the city and gratitude towards the people we care about. They come in many different colors and are an Asian-native flower we’ve all become used to decorating our landscapes with during the autumn months.

Choose Diamond’s Treasures for your Downtown Chicago Flower Delivery

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Celebrate the joy of Chicago, your love for someone special, or any special occasion with one of our stunning floral arrangements! We make the process easy for you as well. Let us know what you want, who gets the delivery, the location to deliver to, and leave the rest to us.

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