Did You Know that Most Babies are Born in September?

Making the transition from Summer into Fall is a good time here in Chicago. The summer heat is slowing down and we can finally get our jeans back on before we reach for our sweaters and jackets come October. But there’s something about September that makes it a very special month of the year. No, it’s not Labor day. It’s the fact that most babies happen to be born during this, otherwise, uneventful month. This is a statistic that exists all around the world, and not just here in the United States. Keep on reading to learn why you need to get your flowers for baby ready!

new baby

new baby

Why Are Most Babies Born in September?

While there is no fact set in stone as to why most babies are born in the month of September, there are a few theories to support it. A common theory is that that the holiday season tends to be a time where more alcohol consumption occurs, leading to more opportunities for conception. While that may be true, it’s just an assumption.

When it comes down to it, science has a lot to do with this statistic. There are studies that have concluded the winter season is biologically be the easiest time to conceive. This is more likely the reason why we experience so many births at this time of the year.

How Should We Celebrate these New Babies?

The welcoming of a new life is definitely something we should celebrate. While often times we give gifts of baby clothes, soft plushie toys, and even diapers, there are other kinds of gifts to give to welcome baby and congratulate the new mommy and daddy. Get sentimental with a flower arrangement made specifically to welcome the new baby. Or you can get creative with a welcome baby basket or a baby shower diaper cake!

New Baby Flowers and Arrangements

Flowers are a beautiful way to let mom and dad how proud and how happy you are for them. Blue and green flowers are perfect for baby boy while pink and yellow help to welcome the baby girl. Nothing tips it all off with the flowers delivered right to the hospital bed the same day. No matter what time of the year it is, flowers and arrangements to welcome the new life are a great way to celebrate.