Roses Delivery Chicago

Whether you want to order a surprise bouquet of roses for your significant other, or you just want to show someone close to you that you care, there are very few ways you can go wrong. If you’re looking for the best roses delivery Chicago florist around, then you surely came to the right place.

Roses Delivery Chicago

Roses Delivery Chicago

What do Roses Mean?

Roses are the most passionate flowers out there and they hold a ton of meaning within them. Over time, we’ve developed an entire language for roses based on their different types, colors, and numbers of roses in bouquet.

If you want to gift someone roses and you have a specific message you want to convey, then understanding these meanings are important. While roses show someone you care, being specific about the color, how many, and the type of roses you give them can give your bouquet an entirely new meaning.

The Meaning Behind Rose Colors

  • Red – Classic red roses express feelings of love and desire. They can also convey admiration, respect, as well as devotion. To convey sorrow and regret, a deep red rose may be chosen.
  • White – The color white reminds us of innocence and purity. Celebrate a new beginning, sympathize with somebody, or get spiritual with white roses.
  • Yellow – Think of welcoming feelings, warmth, and joy with yellow roses. These are best at symbolizing friendship and are used to express platonic feelings and relationships rather than romantic.
  • Pink – Joy, admiration, gratitude, elegance, and grace are the main things pink roses convey. If you choose a lighter pink – sweetness and innocence. Deep pinks – appreciation and gratitude.
  • Orange – Orange represents energy and passion. Express senses of fervor, pride, desire, and fascination with orange roses. This color can be extremely romantic.
  • Lavender – If you’re feeling love at first sight, then lavender roses help convey that message. They also express adoration, fascination, splendor, and regality.
  • Blue – Though blue roses don’t naturally occur, this plays into their meaning. Show someone you find them mysterious or unattainable with blue roses.
  • Green – Peace, harmony, tranquility, and fertility are expressed with green roses. Send someone wishes of prosperity or good health with this color.
  • Mixed – If you have many different feelings about someone and feel that just one color rose isn’t enough to express it, then mixed roses can do just that. Choose a specific combination of roses, or combine them all!

The Meaning Behind Rose Variety

  • Thornless Rose –Attraction at first sight, falling in love quickly
  • Leaf Rose – Hope
  • Hibiscus Rose – Beauty and delicacy
  • Burgundy Rose – Natural beauty
  • Christmas Rose – Anxiety relief, calming to the nerves
  • Dog Rose – Happiness and pleasure
  • Damask Rose – Freshness and love
  • Garden Rose – Quirkiness
  • Tea Rose – I will remember forever
  • Rose of Sharon – Overwhelmed with love
  • Carmine Rose – Firey desire
  • Cardinal Red Rose – A spiritual desire
  • Amaranth Red Rose – Everlasting desire
  • Wild Rose – Simplicity
  • Musk Rose – Breathtaking beauty
  • Rosa Mundi – Diverse beauty

The Meaning Behind the Number of Roses

  • A Single Rose – The single rose has a very distinct meaning that remains true to it’s color. Refer to our color definitions to understand what a single rose means.
  • Two Roses – “It’s just the two of us” or “Let’s be together”, typically shown with red roses.
  • Three Roses – This is a traditional “one month anniversary” bouquet.
  • Six Roses – Express feelings of infatuation with a bouquet of 6 roses.
  • Nine Roses – Tell somebody that you believe you’re going to be together forever with a 9 rose arrangement.
  • Ten Roses – “Your love is perfect”
  • Thirteen Roses – Surprisingly, this bouquet expresses that you’re going to be friends forever.
  • Fifteen Roses – Tell someone “I’m sorry” with a bouquet of 15 roses.
  • Twenty Roses – Express that the feelings you have towards that person are truly sincere.
  • Two Dozen Roses – “I’m yours!”
  • Three Dozen Roses – Show them how head over heels in love you are with 36 roses.
  • 50+ Roses – “My loves for you is limitless”

Now that you know about the meaning of roses to a whole new depth, the next bouquet of roses you give to someone can mean even more! Make sure to browse our shop to see what types of rose bouquets we have. Don’t forget, we also take custom requests!

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