Valentine’s Day is a ‘must day’ for sending flowers to that special lady who makes your heart throb! However, sending flowers where she works may be a bit tricky. The length of your relationship, her work environment or even her personality can come into play. That’s where Flowers by Diamond’s Treasures of Chicago’s comes in with Tips to Sending Flowers to her at her work is sure to make you Her Valentine Hero…

We, at Flowers by Diamond’s Treasures (premier Chicago-Land florist) have developed the following guidelines to help our client’s sort easily through the pros and cons of sending flowers so that they (and you) can put their, proverbial, ‘best foot forward’ when Sending Flowers to their special lady. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

Sorting Through The Pros & Cons of Sending Flowers to Her at Work

Under certain circumstances it can usually be ok to Send Flowers to her at work. For instance, if you’re in a longstanding relationship or are married, then it’s most likely ok to Send Flowers to her at work. However, some circumstances may require a bit more thoughtful consideration on your part before doing so. For instance…

What’s it Like Where She Works

Before Sending Flowers to her at work be sure to check out what the environment is like. Some formal office settings are highly demanding and require workers constant attention while some other workplaces (though not formal) may simply move at a hectic pace. Under such conditions your best bet is Sending Flowers to her at her home where she will be free to relish the pleasure of receiving such a wonderful and thoughtful surprise!

Be Thoughtful

Does She Enjoy Being the Center of Attention? Then by all means feel free to Send Flowers to her at her work where she will be sure to be singing your praises to all her co-workers and friends

Is she shy and reserved? Does she tend to avoid being the center of attention? If so then that’s a clear indication that receiving flowers at work may make her a bit uncomfortable. In that case the better option would be to Send Flowers to her at home where she can more fully enjoy the lovely surprise of receiving flowers from you.

Special Occasions

Of course, when it comes to Sending Flowers to her at work during special holidays like Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day and Anniversaries it’s perfectly OK!